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Puja Sponsors List

Puja Sponsors List

(for the first half of 2019)

7/3 (Thurs) - new moon

Sponsored by Sister Leng


21/3 (Thurs) - full moon

Sponsored by Sister Soong

(Sister Michelle's mum)


5/4 (Friday) - new moon (Qing Ming Day)

Sponsor by Sister Leng


19/4 (Friday) - full moon

Sponsors Needed

5/5 (Sunday) - new moon

Sponsors Needed

18/5 (Saturday) - Wesak Eve Celebrations

Sponsored by Sister Choy Ling & Sisters


19/5 (Sunday) Wesak Day - full moon

Sponsor By Sister Wade Leng & Sisters


3/6(Monday) - new moon

(Dragon Boat Festival)

 Sponsored by Wong Poh Thien


17/6 (Monday) - full moon 

Sponsors Needed

The dates list for the second half of 2019 (July - December), including Kathina sponsors will be out in June 2019. We welcome you to book a sponsoring slot in advance by contacting us.

Things to offer for new moon and full moon

Flowers in Stalks, Loose Jasmine Flowers, Fruits, Lotus Candles, Tealight Candles, Prayer Oil, Incense

The above is just a guideline, you need not offer all of the above.

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